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Andrea Eppolito

Weddings Insider / Andrea Eppolito
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Andrea Eppolito

Andrea Eppolito Events


Andrea Eppolito is a distinguished wedding planner and event designer known for creating extraordinary experiences for extraordinary individuals. Her unique approach to event planning goes beyond the tangible elements, focusing instead on the emotions and sensations they evoke.

With a deep understanding that “a wedding is not about the stuff – it’s about how the stuff makes you feel,” Andrea meticulously crafts events that stimulate the five senses and reflect the personal style of her clients. Her commitment to flawless service and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each event becomes more than just an occasion—it transforms into a cherished memory, marking significant moments in time.

Andrea believes in the timeless nature of weddings. “It is about the story you tell and the connection you make with each and every person in the room.” Her role is to take the essence of who you are and manifest it into an environment that is unparalleled and unforgettable. Milestones like these are precious and occur once in a lifetime, and Andrea considers it the honor and privilege of a lifetime to curate these experiences.

Her philosophy is that, together, “we can bend the world to your will, making it a more beautiful place,” filled with life, luxury, and above all, love.

Wishing you a wedding that embodies these ideals, Andrea Eppolito extends her heartfelt best wishes.

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