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Braden Drake

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Braden Drake

Braden Drake LLC


Braden Drake is the founder of Not AVG Law, dedicated to assisting clients with legal, tax, and financial matters.

Path to Entrepreneurship

Born and raised in Indiana, Braden attended Indiana University, majoring in Russian language and political science, while also studying business, Ukrainian, and German. After a brief exploration of public health, Braden pivoted to law school in San Diego, California, where an unexpected passion for tax law led to a master’s degree in the field.

Despite securing valuable internships, Braden found traditional legal roles unsatisfying. Inspired by a family legacy of entrepreneurship, Braden decided to go solo, realizing that self-employment was not just an option but the primary path modeled during his upbringing. Additionally, Braden is known for enjoying cheese and playing basketball.

The Journey to Not AVG Law

Braden’s first venture, Braden Drake Law, began with affordable consultations, which quickly revealed industry FAQs. This insight led to the creation of “Unf*ck Your Biz,” a 10-week coaching program assisting clients with taxes, finances, LLCs, and contracts. The program’s success evolved into “Profit Rx,” a membership for building healthy and wealthy businesses, now boasting about 170 members.

After closing the law firm to focus on education, Braden referred clients to other professionals but encountered challenges. Many business owners were uncertain whether they needed a lawyer, bookkeeper, or tax professional. Some professionals provided poor advice or overstepped their roles, leading to unresolved issues.

Recognizing these gaps, Braden relaunched the law firm with a comprehensive approach to address these needs effectively, ensuring clients receive cohesive and reliable guidance.

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