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Jenevy Sims

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Jenevy Sims

The Evolve firm


As an accomplished business leader, Jenevy Sims speaks in various multi-media outlets providing resources to Entrepreneurs, executives and college students.

Having been born in the Philippines, Tagalog was her first language. Her step-father, Tim, who was a Marine stationed out in Manila, introduced her to the American culture and taught her how to speak English through the memorization of Dr. Seuss books. While living in Olangapo City, her family survived the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, which was later labeled as the “Greatest eruption of the century” and was later transferred to the island of Oahu, Hawaii. From someone who barely knew any English, she ended up excelling and skipping 3rd grade and continued breaking academic records in school.

She graduated from The International Academy of Design & Technology with a degree in Graphic Design. After graduating, she got a job as an entry level Graphic Designer at Sterling Allison, and moved to Art Director and then to Creative Director within 6 months. After a few years at the firm, she saw the gap between large marketing firms and Entrepreneurs and therefore, Empire Enterprise was born. Starting a business gave her opportunities to build strong community relationships through networking. Early in 2019, she merged her company with another and became The Evolve Firm.

Jenevy is a wife and a mother of two, a business owner, a motivational speaker, a podcast host for two shows: “Empowerement in the 210” and “Let’s Talk Business,” the VP of Business Professionals of San Antonio, and an Advisory Board Member for Teletón USA Children’s Rehabilitation Center as well as a Board Member for Fashion for Life. In the 14 years of being in business, she has helped Brand and assist over 2,500 companies ranging in various industries all over the world. She has spoken to Business Chambers, Networking Events, Colleges, Graduations, has been guest Art judge for various school Art shows, a Fashion event host, and a returning guest at her favorite event, the Human Library, just to name a few. With a reputation for connecting people and her passion for helping Entrepreneurs, Jenevy continues breaking barriers and exceeding expectations.

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