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Travis Heberling

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Travis Heberling

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Travis Heberling is a photographer and filmmaker based in the Chicago area. Since starting his business in 2011, Travis has been passionately pursuing his craft. While the journey has not always been easy, it has been incredibly rewarding, and he is eager to share the insights he has gained with others.

As the owner of both a wedding filmmaking company and a commercial video marketing studio, Travis possesses extensive expertise in video production. The techniques used for his commercial clients are also applied to his wedding brand, resulting in higher quality leads.

Travis is passionate about sharing his knowledge on video marketing and enjoys conducting hands-on filming and editing demonstrations. His presentations are dynamic and adaptable, as he prefers to read the room and adjust his content to address the audience’s real pain points. He strives to make his presentations engaging and practical, often incorporating memes and gifs to keep them fun and relatable.

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